About us

Since March 2015 the Bräustübe of the Kalt-Loch Brewery is managed by the Family of René M. Eska and its team.


"We set great store in using regional and seasonal groceries and cooking with creativity and craft passion." Chef René M. Eska and his team represent a fresh and natural cuisine.


Thanks to our competence we create a familiar atmosphere to make you feel comfortable. We appreciate to receive your reservation for all kind of festivity and occasion.


Our restaurant offers 70 seats inside and 16 outside.


Photography of a beer truck.
Photography of a beer truck.

The Kalt-Loch-Bräu is the oldest brewhouse in Miltenberg and was founded in 1580. It is directly located at a mountain slope's spring, which offered the opportunity to cool beer.

The chronicles of the city of Miltenberg name the Kalt-Loch ("cold cave") as one of the oldest brewhouses and famous for its special cooling and taste.


The house with the former number 378 is the origin of the Kalt-Loch brewery. The company is run since generations by Family Schohe and is managed by Axel and Markus Schohe since 1995.


Source: Axel Schohe.