From the Soup Kitchen

Liver dumpling soup

with housemade liver dumpling



Potato bouillon "Franconian Style"
with dried meat

Small Bräustüble Specialties

Small side salad


Homemade "Franconian Kochkäs"

sour-curd cheese made from Quark

with onions, bread and butter


"Franconian Wurstsalat"

thin cut bologna with pickles,

onions, horse radish, bread and butter


"Franconian Blaue Zipfel"

a pair of Franconian Bratwurst

boiled in a root-vegetables-wine-broth

7,60€ "S"

Two of "Franconian Bratwurst"

with Sauerkraut and bread

7,60€ "S"

Baked cream camembert with cranberries

and green salad




Baked potato with sour cream

and green salad


Baked potato with smoked salmon

and side salad



"Spessart Räuber" Baked potato

fried mushrooms, onions and bacon with lettuce




Big salad with salmon



Lettuce with tomatoes, cucumber, coleslaw, smoked salmon, horseradish and toast






Main courses

Breaded pork cutlet "Vienna Style"

with French fries, cranberries and side salad

11,80€ "S"

beer recommendation: Seppelchen Spezial


Breaded pork cutlet

gratinated with sour-curd cheese,

French fries and side salad

13,90€ "S"

beer recommendation: Schlappe Seppel Pils

"Franconian Sauerbraten"

sour marinated roast

with potato dumplings and red cabbage


beer recommendation: Kalt-Loch Dunkel

Piece of shoulder "Kalt-Loch Style"

with dark beer sauce

and potato dumplings


beer recommendation: Kellerbier

"Spessart Räuberschnitzel"
Schnitzel with fried mushrooms, bacon, onions and dark beer sauce

with spaetzle and salad

14,90€ "S"

beer recommendation: Kalt-Loch Dunkel

"Franconian Rinderroulade"

beef rolls filled with leek, apple,

horse radish and ham,

as side mashed potatoes


beer recommendation: Kellerbier


Ground beef steak with stewed onions,

mashed potatoes and salad

11,50€ "S"

beer recommendation: Hefeweizen 


With "S" marked food, can also be ordered as Seniorteller or children's plate and we reduce the price by 2,00Euro. When changing the supplement to fried potatoes, we charge a surcharge of 2.00 €, for 1 additional slice of Franconian country bread we charge 0.50 € extra, for a portion of cranberries 0.50 €, with additional butter we charge 0.50 €.


“Zwiebelrostbraten” rump steak

with fried onions and Spätzle


beer recommendation: Hefeweizen



"Räubrthauptmann" Rump steak (250g)

with fried mushrooms, bacon,

onions and a baked potato with sour cream


beer recommendation:Kalt-Loch Dunkel

"Bierkutscher" Rump steak (250g)

with homemade herb butter, horseradish and French fries



beer recommendation: Kellerbier or Schlappe Seppel Pils

Please tell us how you would like your steak:

Rare, medium or well done.


Fillets of herring "bonne femme"

with onions, pickle and apple with fried potatoes

11,80€ "S"

beer recommendation: Seppelchen Spezial


lukewarm fried herring

with onions and fried potatoes



beer recommendation: Schlappe Seppel Pils


Cheese Spätzle with stewed onions

and side salad


10,80€ "S"

beer recommendation: Hefeweizen or Seppelchen Spezial


"Maultaschen" swabian noodle pockets

filled with vegetables on leaf spinach

and stewed onions


12,90€ "S"

Finally something sweet - our desserts

"Kaiserschmarrn" sugared pancake

with cherry grits and vanilla ice





deep-fried apple pastry with vanilla ice


Indicators of additives and prior allergens:

According to the food law we have to indicate specific and licensed substances on the menu.

1) contains phospate

2) contains preservatives

3) contains sweetener

4) contains flavor enhancer

5) contains dye

7) contains gluten

8) contains celeriac products

9) contains crayfish products

10) contains lupine products

11) contains sesame products



12) contains fish products

13) contains mustard products

14) contains edible nut products

15) contains milk products

16) contains sulfite

17) contains soy products

18) contains peanut products

19) contains egg products

20) molluscs